Dragoon Brewing Co. Logos

Please observe the following when using any Dragoon Brewing Co. logo:

Do not warp, stretch, distort, compress or otherwise alter any portion of the logo

Do not place the logo over a background of pattern or any image that will obscure the logo

These logos are presented in Pantone color. Monochromatic variations may be used, however do not alter colors in any other manner.

When possible, use a vector format, otherwise use the highest possible resolution.

For any other questions, please email marketing@dragoonbrewing.com

Dragoon Logo - standard+location.png

Standard logo

For all applications. This is the official and standard layout

Dark grey: PMS 446

Light grey: PMS 427

Dragoon Logo - stacked+location.png

Alternate 1

For horizontal applications.


alternate 2

For headers or other title-related applications.